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The verb for population is populate.
Populates, populating and populated are verbs too.

Some examples are:
"We will populate a new planet soon".
"She populates the house with kittens".
"The humans are populating the planet, shall we stop them?"
"Earth is populated with humans".

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The verb form for population is "populate." It means to inhabit or fill with people.

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Q: What is the verb for population?
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What is the verb in the sentence The result of this is higher population density?

The linking verb "is." (to be)

What is noun form of populate?

The noun forms for the verb to populate are population, and the gerund, populating.

What does is mean if population is at equilibrium?

"is" = the singular present tense of of the verb "to be".

A verb for the word population?

Populate is one verb of population.Some other verbs are populates, populating and populated.

What is the subject and predicate for the sentence The population of the US is increasing?

Subject: The population of the US Predicate: is increasing

What is the verb of word population?

The verb form of population is populate. As in "to populate".Other verbs which are tense dependent are populates, populating and populated.Some example sentences for you are:"We will populate the new planet"."The human race populates Mars"."They are populating the New Earth"."This planet was once populated by humans before they nuked themselves".

What is a statistic value?

1. (used with a sing. verb) The mathematics of the collection, organization, and interpretation of numerical data, especially the analysis of population characteristics by inference from sampling.2. (used with a pl. verb) Numerical data.

Is city a verb?

No, city is not a verb. City is a noun, because it is a thing. A verb is a word that describes either an action (walk, run, etc), an occurrence (become, happen, etc) or state of being (stand, exist, etc).

Is 'is' a verb or noun?

The noun 'is' is a verb, a form of the verb 'to be'. The verb 'is' functions as an auxiliary verb and a linking verb.

What kind of verb is 'is'?

The verb 'is' is a form of the verb 'to be', a being verb as opposed to an action verb. The verb 'is' also functions as an auxiliary (helper) verb. The verb 'is' also functions as a linking verb.

Is raised a linking verb or a action verb?

It is an action verb.

Is are a main verb action verb helping verb or linking verb?

It is a Linking Verb. The word are is a conjugation of the verb "to be."