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The sentence does not require commas.

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Q: Where would you place commas in the following sentence I am pretty sure that I just got a perfect score.?
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The following is a run on sentence i like to run with my dog in the field he's got a pretty coat?

Yes, yes it is

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Yeah, I think it is. Sort of. "You are pretty" and "You are perfect" are certainly both compliments. But I see them as being different. You can be pretty without being perfect. And I think you can be perfect without being pretty. I believe beautiful is a better choice.

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Comma splice

The following is a run-on sentence ''I like to run with my dog in the field he's got a pretty coat''?

Sentence is misspelled first off. Your sentence: I like to run with my dog in the field he's got a pretty coat? This is a run on sentence. You should put a period after field. "I like to run with my dog in the field." This is a complete sentence. In the next part you add: "He's got a pretty coat." This is another subject and so should be included in another sentence. The subject in the first sentence is running with the dog, in the second sentence the subject is the dog's pretty coat.

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You are a very Pretty Girl

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