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Answer No one actually knows who invented the exclamation mark, although we can be certain that it was not the person above. This site says that it may have developed from some latin characters, and estimates the timeframe in which it was popularized:

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2009-09-07 05:02:20
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Q: Who invented the exclamation mark?
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What year was the exclamation mark invented in?

what year was the exclamation mark invented in

Who invented the exclamation mark and why?

Roger Exclamation's daughter Samantha created it when he died. He was a super excited guy and she wanted to express it

How do you insert an upside down exclamation mark in a Microsoft word document?

An upside down exclamation mark could be written as an "i". EX: (exclamation mark)=! (upside down exclamation mark)=i The "upside down exclamation mark" is really the letter "I" but lower case.

What is the sentence for exclamation?

in sentences there can be an exclamation mark in it!

What is the difference between an exclamation mark and an exclamation point?

There is no difference between an exclamation mark and an exclamation point. They are two names for the same thing.

Is it explanation point or explanation mark?

someone else- It is an exclamation mark. me- well i think it would be an exclamation point because at the end of the thing it has a dot. Like a point. So i think it should be a point and not a mark. me- But exclamation mark is what it is called.

Do you need question mark or exclamation mark?

If you are asking a question, you need a question mark. If you are making an exclamation, you need an exclamation point. "Is this a question?" "Of course it is!"

Is there a capital letter between an exclamation mark?

"Between" an exclamation mark? Exclamation marks do not change the normal rules of capitalization.

What does a exclamation mark do?

This !

What part of speech is followed by an exclamation mark?

Exclamatory sentence will end with an exclamation mark.

Can you put 'and' after an exclamation mark?

An exclamation mark comes at the end of a sentence, and you generally do not begin a new sentence with the word and, so in general you will not have the word and after an exclamation mark.

What is exclamation mark used for?

to loveAnother AnswerThe exclamation mark (!) is used to project emphasis on a sentence.

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