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Deserving praise means that someone has done something noteworthy, admirable, or praiseworthy, which merits recognition, admiration, or applause from others. It implies that their actions, qualities, or achievements are deemed praiseworthy or worthy of commendation.

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Q: What does deserving praise means?
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What does creditable mean?

To Take away

What does laudable?

Laudable means praiseworthy or deserving praise.

What is meritorious?

Meritorious means deserving of praise, honourable or commendable.

What does laudable mean?

"Laudable" means deserving praise or commendation for its quality or achievement. It is used to describe actions or behaviors that are admirable or worthy of approval.

If you know that the word laud has to do with praise what can you infer that laudible means?

Laudible likely means deserving of praise or worthy of admiration.

What does illaudably mean?

It means not worthy of praise, or by extension deserving of disapproval or shame.Il-laudable = not laudable

What does Madihah mean?

Madihah is an Arabic name that means praise, appreciation, or admiration. It is often used to describe someone who is praiseworthy or deserving of admiration.

What is meaning of Mahmood?

Mahmood is an Arabic name. It means "worthy of praise" or "deserving of reverence." It is one of the names used to describe the prophet Mohammad.

What does the word Merito mean?

The soldiers of America deserve a meritorious honor from us

What is the meaning of the name Meritus?

"Meritus" is a Latin word that means "deserving; worthy; esteemed." It is often used as a name or title to indicate someone who is deserving of praise or recognition.

What part of speech is laudable?

The word "laudable" is an adjective. It is used to describe something or someone as deserving praise or commendation.

Is noteworthy a noun?

No, the word 'noteworthy' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun as deserving praise or attention (a noteworthy speech, a noteworthy occasion).