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No otters are in the Mustelidae or Mustelids family commonly referred to as the weasel family.

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Otters are classified in the Mustelidae family

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Q: Are otters in the feline family?
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Are panthers part of the feline family?

Yes they are in fact all big cats are part of the feline family

Collective noun for otters is?

The plural of otter is otters.

Is a giraffe part of the feline family?

Absolutely not, they have no feline features at all.

Are skunks in the feline family?

No. They are in the weasel family, Mustelids.

Is a feline part of the rodent family?


Is a beagle a feline animal?

No, a feline is an animal that belongs to the Felidae family. The beagle is a breed of dog that belongs to the C. Lupus family.

What is another name for the cat family?

Felines The feline family.

What family do otters belong to?

Otters belong to the family Mustelidae, which also includes weasels, badgers, and martens.

Are sheep feline?

sheep are of the ovine family.

What family does the Ferret belong to?


What are the otters related species?

Otters belong to the weasel family Mustelidae and are related to the other members of that family, such as weasels, ferrets, and badgers.

Is a hiena a canine or a feline?

A hyena belongs to the family Hyaenidae and is not classified as a canine (dog) or a feline (cat). It is a unique family of carnivorous mammals that is separate from both the Canidae (dog) and Felidae (cat) families.