Are walruses deadly

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Yes, walruses have been known to attack and kill humans if they get too close.

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Q: Are walruses deadly
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What is the collective noun for walrus?

The collective nouns are a herd of walruses, a huddle of walruses, a pod of walruses.

How many babies do female walruses have in a year?

A walruses have one baby walruses 2-3 years.

What color are walruses?

Walruses are grey or light brown

What walruses look like?

walruses have 2 large tusks

What do walruses look like?

walruses have 2 large tusks

What is the popularity of walruses in Antarctica?

Popularity has nothing to do with it. There are no walruses in Antarctica. Walruses are only in the Arctic, North Pole, not South Pole.

How did walruses adapt to the freezing conditions of antarctica?

They did not have to. Walruses do not live in Antarctica.

Do walruses eat man?

Ask yourself. Do Man eat walruses? :)

Are walruses cold-blooded?

Walruses are mammals therefore they are warm blooded.

Are walruses part of biology?

Walruses are living organisms, so yes.

What is the physical location of a Walruses?

Walruses can be found in Alaska, Greenland, Canada, and Russia.

Do walruses live in the south pole?

Walruses do not live at the South Pole, or on Antarctica.