Can pugs be black

Updated: 10/9/2023
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They can. Black on the tongue is due to extra pigmentation, something every dog breed can experience, including pugs.

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Q: Can pugs be black
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Are black pugs good?

I personally prefer black pugs! They are more beautiful to me, but that's my personal opinion!! Pugs are the best dogs and I would never have any other breed :)

What is the pugs name in men in black?


Can a pug be brown?

Yes, most pugs are brown/tan Pugs come in Fawn, Silver (which is rare) and black.

Why do spark pugs turn black?

Unburnt carbon

Which films have pugs?

men in black staring will smith

Are all black creatures ugly?

No! Not little black pugs. Or Halle Berry (:

What is better white pugs or black pugs?

Oh! Are you getting a pug I go with black my black pug is the greatest his name is sunny so go for black enjoy your dog if your getting one:]]]]]]] Or go with what you think good luck

What do you like better black pugs or fawn pugs?

well i have got a black pug and a fawn pug. my black pug is still a puppy and is really sweet but she acts retarted. my fawn pug is really smart at times I like fawn better...I think because black pugs have lots of heath issues (: Hope that helps -CheerPrincess212

Do pugs live in the US To?

Yes! Pugs are very popular here in the US. The fawns are more common here than black pugs, and now there are several coat variations (apricot, for example).

How many pugs are there?

There are four types of pugs I know about.......#1.fawn.......they are a yellow-blonde color with some hairs of,of course these pugs are black.......#3.silver.........they are rare (from what hear) They are mixtures of black and fawn. i personaly have only seen a picture of one...........#4.apricot......they are an orangey color......i have only seen a few.....they might also be rare.......i'm not sure..................that are th only pugs i know about......for all i know there could be more............hope i could help! :)

What color are pugs?

Black, Appricot Fawn, Silver Fawn, Reguler Fawn

How many colors can pugs be?

pugs can be 2 colors black or baje, if you want more info go to its a great website that is were we found our pug, henry!