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yeah you just go to your friends list and click the gift and if you have any aging points, it will show aging points the you click it and you just sent your friend a aging point

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Q: Can you give other people aging points on howrse?
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Can you trade Money and aging points on howrse?

you can't trade ageing points but you can trade money at the exchange place when you go to the store where it says 'exchange items' where you can exchange money for other stuff

How do you sell aging points on Howrse?

Sell them to Mrs.Hubert, go to her shop and scroll down to click on the resell objects button. If you have aging points they should be listed there with the other objects you can sell. Because they are worth 150 equus you are only allowed to sell 5 a day.

How do you age your mare on howrsecom?

You can buy aging points from the shop (you can only buy 5 a day), or wait for the natural aging. You may find an aging point floating around as a UFO, or find one when you are doing things with your horse. Any other questions, I am Buffy Kiev on Howrse :)

What does MA mean on Howrse?

MA on howrse means Morpheus Arms. It allows your horse to age and go to bed without aging points.

How do you use a diamond on howrse?

Diamonds are very special tokens, they can be used to buy other items:in the black market (turn them in for passes)in the secret marketto get more money for your breeder or equestrian center's reserveto gain aging points (1 diamond= 1 aging point)to improve the skills of some divine horses

Can other people see your notes on howrse?

no they are COMPLETELY secret

Where do unicorns come from on Howrse?

They come from other unicorns. Orinially howrse gave them out to people so the population of unicorns can get higher.

Can you speed up time on Howrse?

not that i know of yes you can. you can feed water nurse (if you have a foal) ride and other things so therefore you can!

Is the site Howrse for kids?

i know lots of kids that play howrse. it is very safe and people can be reported or blocked by the touch of a button, but i have never been endangered from other howrse players. howrse is a gr8 game for all ages :)

How do you feed your horse a apple on howrse?

You can only give apples to other people's horses.

How do you get aging points on Howrse?

There are many ways to get an aging point for free.1. You complete an achievement and get one to five as a reward.2. It floats across the page and you get one for free (a UFO).3. You receive a Horn of Plenty, which may give you other stuff as well, such as apple, turnips, money and maybe a special bonus gift. Like a golden apple or a piece of cloud.4. Another player can send you one as a gift after you have reached 10 days seniority and have positive karma.5. Go to the horse directory. Search for a horse named Archimedes, he should be at the bottom of the page (brown horse, green blanket, green scholars cap) go to the horses page, above his picture will be a multiple choice question, answer it correctly and you get a free aging point. This can be done once a day.You can find them day to day while caring for your horse, or your friends might send them to you as gifts.6.When you use the Black Market item-Piece of Cloud-you are awarded 2 aging points.You can no longer buy them from the shop.You can usually win them. For example you can complete a quest from Ow and he might give you aging points. You can also complete an objective to win some.You can either find it wehn the horse wakes up or you can do to the divine horse, Archimedes. Click on Archimedes and there will be a question on Archimdeds everyday and if you answer correctly, you will get an aging point.Evey time you log in in on Howrse you get 1-3 aging points (You can only get )these the first time you log in each day.) When you take care of horse's sometimes you find aging points.And some players sell them.You can get them completing objectives sometimes.Please add me on Howrse I am Thesaddleclub.

Can you give aging points to other players on howres how?

1. add them as a friend by going on community, my friends, add a friend 2. type in their name and add them 3. when they have accepted your request then there will be yellow icons next to there name 4. click on the gift one. 5. then press aging points and its sent!