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Apparently they make good pets - "The waterspider is an easy housepet, and can be fed with a lot of freshwater animals".

I want one too god knows where you can get them, might have to try and catch one. I know their native to my country, I don't know if their rare in the wild though...

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Q: Can you have an diving bell spider as a pet?
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When was Diving bell spider created?

Diving bell spider was created in 1758.

What color is the Diving bell spider?

brown to black

What are diving bell spider's enemies?

Its enemies are frogs and fish.

What is the scientific name for the diving bell spider?

Argyroneta Aquatica

Where do you get the diving bell on Littlest Pet Shop Online?

you go to big catch and talk to the claws he will teach and give you a gem diving bell.

What do the diving bell spider eat?

nobody knows for sure what this spider eats exactly, but we know that its a meal itself.

Does black window spider live in water or land?

All spiders, except for one species (the Diving Bell spider), live on land.

What do diving bell spiders eat?

nobody knows for sure what this spider eats exactly, but we know that its a meal itself.

What if the name of the inventor of the diving bell?

In 1616, the German inventor Kessler introduced his diving bell with glass ports

A scientific name for the water spider?

The scientific name for the water spider is Argyroneta aquatica. It is a species of spider that is well-adapted to living and hunting in aquatic environments, using a unique silk web to trap air bubbles for breathing underwater.

Who are the diving bell inventors?


Why does a diving spider surround itself with a bubble in the water?

Diving spiders make a sort of "diving bell" underwater. They live in there, so they need to fill it with air so they will have something to breathe. The spines on their body can trap air, so they rise to the top of the water, do a sort of somersault to throw themselves above the water surface and right back down into the water. When they come back under, they are covered in a bubble of air. They swim down to the diving bell where they shuck off the bubble of air. If there still is not enough air in their diving bell, then they may go back up again for another bubble.