Can you live with apes

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Can you live with apes
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Where in the rainforest does the apes live in?

Apes do live in the rainforest

Where do apes and monkeys live?

The apes and monkeys live in trees.

Where live apes?

Apes live in trees :D

What continent do apes live on?

Orangutans are native to Asia.

Do apes live in North America?

No apes do not live in america unless you beleive in bigfoot

Where could one go to research apes?

To research apes, one would need to go to a place where apes live. Apes live in their natural habitat which is in the forests of Africa or in zoos where exhibits of apes are showcased frequently.

What kind of monkeys live in Rock of Gibralter?

Barbary Apes

Do apes live in India?


Do dinosaur live at apes time?


Do Apes live in South America?


What a large ape is called?

The orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, and pygmy chimpanzee are the largest apes and are called great apes. Gibbons are the smallest apes and are called lesser apes. The gorilla, chimpanzee, and pygmy chimpanzee live in Africa. Orangutans and gibbons live in Asia.

Were do apes live?

in the jungle and england and spain