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Yes it is possible to use mineral spirits, but there are safer and more effective ways. After soaking the bearings in mineral spirits, then rinse them with 99% isopropyl alcohol and dry.

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Q: Can you use mineral spirits to clean skateboard bearings?
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How do you clean oil base primer from hands?

mineral spirits

What do you use to clean pine sap from a horse's coat?

Mineral spirits

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Mineral Spirits!

How do you get oil based stain out of your hair?

Use mineral spirits to clean out the stain, then immediately shampoo your hair to remove the spirits.

How do you clean a table that has a polyurethane finish?

You can use a vinegar and water mixture. Or mineral spirits.

How do you maintain your skateboard?

try to keep it clean and if you need to buy new bearings, board, deck, trucks and learn new tricks and have fun

What should you use to clean a paint brush use in oil based paint?

mineral spirits.

How do you clean dried gasoline deposits from an aluminum fuel tank?

Mineral spirits should do the trick.

What do you clean skate bearings with?

Good quality skateboard bearing oil can be a wonderful thing to maintain the skateboard properly. Through oiling, cleaning and maintenance, it can be easier for the skater to ride it properly and get better performance. Visit ionicflux. com for more information now.

What is similar to mineral spirits?

Paint thinner or turpentine are similar to mineral spirits, as they are all commonly used as solvents for thinning paint, cleaning paint brushes, and degreasing surfaces.

What product should be used to clean a paint brush used to apply an oil paint?

The two classic substances that clean a paintbrush used in oil base paint are turpentine and mineral spirits. Both work excellently. I recommend the mineral spirits only because it is much less expensive than turpentine.

Do you need to buy skateboard bearings separate to wheels?

that depends if you're getting a complete(deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings) or if you're not, then bearings are separate. Although if some bearings cost more than a deck, they can last very long if you clean them at least once or twice every month. The best bearings belong to bones swiss! good luck 13 years skateboarding