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yes arctic ground squirrels can get rabies and if so it will be shaking and also fuzzy stuff will come out his mouth, so beware

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Q: Do arctic ground squirrels have rabbies?
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Do rodents live in the Arctic?

Yes, lemmings, rats, arctic ground squirrels live in the Artic

What do arctic ground squirrels do to help us?

I have know idea how they help us

1 level consumers in the tundra?

Consumers such as Caribou, Musk Oxen, Arctic Hare, and Arctic Ground Squirrels.

Do squirrels carry rabbies?

rarely but if bites you or scratches u then you should go to the doctor

How does the Constitution and bill of rights ensure the concept of we the people?

because squirrels have rabbies. and like pie.

How does the constitution and the Bill of Rights ensure the concept of We the people?

because squirrels have rabbies. and like pie.

What animal lives in a arctic a?

Animals in the Arctic include Arctic hares, lemmings, musk oxen, caribou, Arctic foxes, Arctic wolves, polar bears, wolverines, ermines, Arctic ground squirrels, seals, walruses, baleen whales, Narwhals, killer whales, and belugas.

What illnesses could a young ground hog carry?


What are the common omnivores of the Arctic?

Arctic foxes and arctic squirrels are both omnivores.

Are arctic squirrels omnivores?


What types of animals live on the tundra?

polar bears, caribou, oxen, wolves, wolverines, arctic fox, ermine, lemmings, arctic hares, arctic ground squirrels, birds, sea mammals (Eg: whales, seals or walrus).

Does squirrels eat caterpillar?

ground squirrels do