Do hyenas sleep like cats

Updated: 10/8/2023
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In the wilderness. Usually woods.

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Q: Do hyenas sleep like cats
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Where do hyenas sleep?

hyenas sleep in flattend grass in a hole

What group would cats and hyenas belong?

cats: feline hyenas: dog maybe? not sure.

What family are heynas in?

alot of people think hyenas are in the dog family but they are actually more closely related to cats. hyenas have 4 toes per foot like cats where dogs have five. they are not cats but are closely related.

Are spotted hyenas cats or dogs?

they are more of cats then dogs but they are not cats

Do Siamese cats like to sleep?

I'm pretty sure all cats like to sleep at some point in life.

What do hyena drink?

Hyenas drink water like cats and dogs but they just eat animals they they kill or find the remands of.

When and where do leopards sleep?

Most big cats hunt at night and generally sleep during the day.

How do spotted hyenas sleep?

they sleep in under shady trees

Where do spotted hyenas usually sleep?

Spotted hyenas usually sleep near trees or in underbrush. This provides a level of protection when they are resting.

DO cats sleep good at night?

Cats can sleep well or poorly just like people can. However cats will nap frequently whether it is day or night.

Are Hyenas Related To Dogs or Cats?

Neither, they belong to their own family called Hyaenidae.

Do dogs like to sleep?

yes, not as much as cats, but yes, dogs love to sleep.