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Unless you're riding for show, or in full dress, it doesn't matter as much what kind of boots you wear. As long as the boots have a good heel on them so that your foot doesn't slip through, either paddock boots or tall boots can be worn. (Or any other pair of boots.)

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paddock boots are great for lessons and just fooling around at the barn, but once you get more serious with you're riding it is better to get tall boots (espiacialy for showing).

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Q: Does it matter if you wear tall boots or paddack boots when horse back riding?
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Can you wear walking boots for horse riding?

as long as they are strong boots

Whats the best footwear when riding a horse?

shoes with a small heel riding boots or jodphur boots are best

Are long riding boots better than short riding boots?

longer riding boots are better in my opinion as they make riding more comfortable for both horse and rider. Your appearance also looks much better with longer boots.

What do you need to were for horse riding?

you need a helmet, riding boots, riding pants, and a crop( if your horse is slow ). you can find these things at the store Horsing Around.

Where to find horse riding boots?

kijiji is a good start.

When riding a horse the best foot wear is...?

Boots or sneakers.

Where can you bay horse riding boots?

I would reccomend Dover Saddlery

When were horse riding boots invented please need answer by Thursday 26 August.?

The tall riding boots of today are the ancestors of boots worn by 17th century British soldiers. On the battlefield these tall boots protected the lower legs and gave the soldiers better contact with the horse's side.

How much does a pear of horse riding boots cost?

$40 to $400 in Australia

Where can one purchase men's riding boots?

One can purchase men's riding boots from many different places online and offline. One can get them from Amazon, Ebay, and any other horse riding business.

Where can one find comfortable horse riding boots for sale?

There are several places that sell horse and rider gear. I use Dover Saddlery, since I am an English rider, but there are also other stores, like Horse and Rider. You can probably find a location near you on a store's website. Also, if you no what size you need, you can consider buying online.

What do you need to ride your horse?

A saddle, saddle pad/blanket, bridle with appropriate bit, stirrups, riding helmet, jeans or riding pants, chaps or half chaps if you do not use tall boots, riding boots.