Updated: 11/13/2022
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Dogs urinate, defecate and respire, these are all forms of excretion.

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Do dogs excrete?

Yes, they excrete carbon dioxide, water, and feces just like humans do.

How do dogs excrete?

Dogs excrete waste products through defecation and urination. They have a gastrointestinal system that breaks down food, with solid waste expelled through the anus and liquid waste through the urethra.

When dogs have babies do they push?

Yes, a dog would have to push to excrete her puppies from her uterus.

What puppy doesn't excrete a lot?

All dogs excrete, its digestion. I suggest a you get a small dog whos excretia is easier to clean or just dont get one all together.

Why do dogs and cats poo?

For the same reason you do--to excrete toxic and usless byproducts of the food which they ate.

How do dogs eat food?

Dogs, like other mammals, eat their food by masticating (chewing) their food with their jaws and teeth. The linings of their mouth excrete saliva which mixes with the food and makes swallowing possible.

Do clouds excrete?

no, clouds not excrete

Do plants excrete?

yes plants do infact excrete

Do cactus excrete?

All living things excrete.

Do alligators excrete?

Yes. All animals excrete.

Why do ferrets excrete?

Ferrets excrete to get rid of waste

How do penguins excrete?

Penguins excrete waste through their cloaca, a single opening used for both their reproductive and excretory systems. They expel a mixture of feces and urine, which can be highly concentrated to conserve water and reduce energy expenditure. Penguins typically excrete their waste while standing or walking, often away from their nesting sites.