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Mia, my American Chocolate Labrador was 45lbs at 5 months. She was also growing a bit faster than the average Lab, she was 23" tall at 5 months.

She is currently 52lbs and 24" tall at 6 months.

More than anything, just make sure they are maintaining a healthy weight and getting exercise. You should be able to clearly see their waist from the side and top. You should also be able to feel their ribcage, but not see it.

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It varies quite a bit depending on the parents, the size of the litter, the health of the mother, her nutrition and care during pregnancy, etc.

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A Newfoundland puppy can be little under 1 foot when born and can be 5 to 10 pounds.

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A normal pure breed lab is anywhere from 21-25 inches long. if you want a smaller one you can always get a mix.

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Q: How big is a small labrador retriever?
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