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Q: How did Ranofer deal with the broken seal?
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How did ranofer handle the problem of the broken seal?

Ranofer handled the problem of the broken seal by seeking help from Heqet, a trustworthy friend, and eventually confronting Gebu, the dishonest goldsmith responsible for the broken seal. With Heqet's assistance, Ranofer was able to gather evidence and confront Gebu, ultimately resolving the issue and restoring justice.

What is the significance of the broken tree in golden goblet?

The broken tree in "Golden Goblet" symbolizes Ranofer's broken family and the challenges he faces in his life. It represents his struggles, but also his resilience and ability to overcome adversity. The tree serves as a powerful metaphor for Ranofer's growth and transformation throughout the story.

Why do they spit on their hand to seal a deal?

because they figure you wont break the deal if you did something thats revolting to you . to seal the deal

What is a synonym for cement the deal?

seal the deal

What is significant about the broken tree in the golden goblet?

The broken tree in "The Golden Goblet" symbolizes Ranofer's own brokenness and struggles. It represents his inner turmoil and challenges he must overcome in order to find his true self and purpose. Overall, the broken tree serves as a powerful motif throughout the novel, reflecting Ranofer's journey of growth and self-discovery.

Why did orgo check his animal cookies before eating any?

He wanted to see whether the seal HAD been broken. (correct answer)

What is never used until its broken?

A secret.

Why is ranofer afraid of the dark?

why was ranofer afraid of the dark

Who is seal wife?

Seal wife is the one whose seal is not broken.....means who is a virgin. ;)

Your unopened cottage cheese lid is popped up does this mean the cottage cheese is bad?

It means the seal is broken. The product could certainly have gone bad, but a broken seal does not guarantee spoilage. However, the seal is there for your safety and a broken seal could mean that someone may have tampered with it.

How does zau feel about ranofer and about ranofer's father in golden goblet?

Zau feels suspicious of Ranofer and resentful of his father, Gebu, throughout "The Golden Goblet." Zau is jealous of the bond that Ranofer has with his father and doubts Ranofer's integrity, leading to tension between the characters.

How will gebu react if he learns of what ranofer has done?

gebu will beat ranofer until he dies and he will not make ranofer apprentice him in the Goldsmith shop