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The artic hare has no defences, it's only defense is it's ability to b lend in perfectly with the snow. It's white fur allows it to conceal itself from predators, and the thick white coat also protects it from the suns rays(no clouds to block sunlight) and the cold weather. How er, if the hare is not stealthy enough, it could easily be captured by an artic fox or other artic predator

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They survive because there fur is very thick and it keeps them warm!

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it survives because it has hairs that keep it warm.

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Q: How do Arctic hares survive in the cold?
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How come arctic hares can survive the arctic with all of their predators?

Camouflage, stealth and speed.

Does an arctic hare live in cold places?

Yes, Arctic Hares live in cold places like the Tundra.

How are arctic hares different from hares that live outside the arctic?

arctic hare live in the arctic when other hares don't live in the arctic

What kind of animals have thick furs?

arctic foxes, polar bears, arctic hares,... anything in a cold climate

How do Arctic hares hunt?

Arctic hares are herbivores and do not hunt.

Where do Arctic dogs live?

well since arctic is in arctic hares, arctic hares live above the arctic circle.

Are snowshoe hares coldblooded?

No, snowshoe hares are not cold-blooded. They are mammals, which means they are warm-blooded like humans, capable of regulating their body temperature internally. This ability helps them survive in cold environments.

What is a arctic hares kingdom?

The Arctic Hare is in the Animalia kingdom. This applies to all species of rabbits and hares.

Do Arctic hares live in the water or on land?

Arctic Hares live on the land.

How does an Arctic hare live in the winter?

arctic hares survive because they have krypton in their blood, like superman. They also have spidey senses and yellow blood.

Can arctic wolves survive in freezing cold weather?

They live in the Arctic, you idiot. Of course they can survive the cold.

Animals in the innuitian mountains?

Wildlife is scarce in the innuitions, but the ones that have adapted to the extreme cold temperattures are moutain goats, arctic owls, arctic foxes and arctic hares.