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they burrow then jump out of the grund and fly

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they breathe in and out just like humans but through their nose instead of their mouth they m ostly breathe in through their butts.

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through there nose

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Q: How do emperor tamarin monkeys move around?
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How do spider monkeys move around?

They walk sometimes especially to forage, but can swing from tree to tree to move through the forest.

How monkey move around the forest?

monkeys jump from tree to tree

How do astronauts move around?

Astronauts move around in microgravity using handrails, foot restraints, and Velcro straps to anchor themselves to the walls and floors of the spacecraft or space station. They can also push off surfaces and float from one location to another. Movement is carefully coordinated to prevent collisions and ensure safety in the weightless environment of space.

What are a Monkeys adaptations and survival advantages?

monkeys move fast

What features do monkeys have to help them move around the habitat?

Strong and long arms and fingers as well as flexible joints.

Do zookeepers spank their monkeys when they get out of hand?

No, but if they are out of hand they will move them from other monkeys (if they're bothering other monkeys)

What part of the body does monkeys move with?

with their arms

Can spider monkeys move on the ground?


How fast does an emperor penguin move?

Emperor Penguins swim as 25 miles per hr. or faster. And zig - zaging also helps the Emperor Penguin move faster.

Do spider monkeys live in trees?

Spider monkeys live in a biome with many trees. They move around by swinging from tree to tree. Spider monkeys do not build a nest or take shelter in a cave. Instead, they sleep high up in a tree on a wide branch. Spider monkeys mostly eat fruits and nuts.

How do monkeys in the rainforest move?

Monkeys move by hanging of a tree branch while swinging then selves back and forth until they have enough speed to leap across to the next tree/branch.

How does an emperor penguin move?

how they move is the force friction,that is by waddlinghow they move is the force friction,that is by waddling