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you cant once it goes back to the wild you cant get it back!

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Kill it

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Q: How do you get a wild puffle back?
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How do you return a puffle in Club Penguin?

you can send a puffle back by clicking pet papers when playing with your puffle then the shadow of a puffle with and X over it which means you return it to the wild< hope you understand

What happens if you delete a puffle on club penguin?

The puffle deleted will be returned to the wild and cannot be brought back. You can buy a new puffle from the Pet Shop for 800 coins.

How do you get rid of your puffle?

If you don't take care of it, it will go back to the wild. But that takes FOREVER!Instead, click on your puffle, go to pet papers, and click the x. It will ask you if you really want to return your puffle to the wild.

Can your go back to the wild on club penguin?

Actually, i think you meant to say,"Can your puffle go back to the wild on club penguin." The answer for that question is yes.

Where has your puffle gone on Club Penguin?

Out in the wild. You can't it back. You can adolpt a new one through.

How do you catch a wild puffle?

You don't. You can only buy a puffle at the Pet Shop.

How do you un adopt a puffle quickly?

Here's how:Go to your igloo and click the puffle you want to deleteAbove the stat bars says "Pet Papers". Mouse over it. Then click the black puffle with the X through it.It will say "Are you sure you want to return ________ to the wild? Click Yes. Now that puffle is deleted!WARNING: IF YOU DELETE A PUFFLE YOU DO NOT GET YOUR COINS BACK.

Can you delete a puffle?

You can't delete a puffle on Club Penguin. Don't play with it, feed it, walk it or put it to sleep and it will go back to the wild. Then you will get a postcard saying where your puffle has gone or something similar. It might also say check at the Pet Shop and find out how to care for puffles.

On clubpenguin how do you get back a run away puffle?

you cant get the puffle back so get over it!

Where is Hurbert lab in club penguin?

its in a cave in the puffle wild

Can you breed your blue puffle?

No, you can't. They breed themselves in the wild.

Why does puffle return to wild?

because you didnt take care of it :(