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if you want free droppings on Howrse, simply dont look after your horse and age it, (or wait for the next day.)

purpledragon37 (my user on howrse)

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Q: How do you get free droppings on Howrse?
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Who can you get droppings from On Howrse?

your horse does droppings overnight

How do you clean the horse droppings on Howrsecom?

The droppings automatically clean themselves up when you work as a groom on Howrse.

What is the reward for objective number 9 on howrse?

100 droppings

How do you get more droppings on Howrse?

You can only buy droppings on Howrse if you have an equestrian center. If you do, all you need to do is go to the store under 'equestrian center' and click on Agriculture. The droppings are under raw materials.

What horse or pony produces the most droppings on howrse?

The breed doesn't matter. More droppings are made by the more food the horse needs per day.

Can you give your horses droppings to an EC on Howrse. com?

It's not possible to give droppings to an EC. You can sell them to the store however, and then buy them back through your EC account.

How do you get horse droppings on on Howrse?

When you feed your horse it will produce droppings. you get these droppings the next day. it will say in the actions at the bottom of your horses page '.... produced .... droppings today' ( first gap the horses name, the second gap the number) you can then sell the droppings for 3e per dropping at the store in 'resell items' hope this helps xxx

How do you get allot of horse to poop on howrse?

Feed them- the more the better! (Well not all better but it's more droppings)

Is Howrse cup free?

Yes, it is the same level of free as Howrse, you can play for free but you have to buy passes

How many droppings do you have to have to make manure on howrse?

It takes 25 droppings to make one manure. I play as WolfPatronus on the International server and Half_Blood_Princess on the Australian one. Check out my pages if you get a chance!

How do you raise money for your equestrian center on Howrse?

buy a bunch of droppings each day, make into manure, and sell back

Is the website Howrse free?

Yep, its free!