How do you pronounce potoroo?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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pot - uh - roo

The emphasis may be on either the first or the last syllable. Both forms are correct, but the more common pronunciation has the emphasis on the last syllable.

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Q: How do you pronounce potoroo?
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When was Gilbert's potoroo created?

Gilbert's potoroo was created in 1841.

What potoroos are extinct?

the broad faced potoroo and the three toed potoroo are extinct

Is a potoroo a mammal?

The potoroo is indeed a mammal. Speciifcally, it is a marsupial, or pouched mammal.

Is potoroo a marsupial?

Yes. The potoroo is a marsupial, and one of the smaller members of the kangaroo family.

Why is the gilberts potoroo endangered?

Gilbert's potoroo is Australia's most endangered mammal. Threats leading to its endangerment include:European settlement and the spread of agriculture which destroyed the Gilbert's potoroo's natural habitatIntroduction of predatory species such as the fox and feral catChanged bushfire regimes in Australia

What is the food web of the Gilbert's Potoroo?

I can't find one..

Which Australian animals begin with the letter P?

Pademelon (Tasmanian)Parrot (King Parrot)Pelican (Australian Pelican)Peregrine FalconPeppered Tree FrogPenguin (Fairy Penguin)Phascogale (Red-tailed Phascogale)Pied Bat (Large-eared Pied Bat)Pilliga MousePiping Shrike (White-backed Magpie)Pipistrelle BatPlains MousePlatypusPossum (Brush Tailed Possum)Possum (Leadbeaters Possum)Possum (Mountain Pygmy Possum)Possum (Western Ring-tailed Possum)Potoroo (Gilberts Potoroo)Potoroo (Long-footed Potoroo)Prosperine Rock Wallaby

Who are potoroos' enemies?

Introduced predators such as feral cats and foxes are the main enemies of the potoroo.

Is the Bilby the most endangered mammal in Australia?

No. The most endangered mammal in Australia is Gilbert's potoroo.

Where can you find the Gilbert's Potoroo?

The Gilbert's Potoroo is Australia's most critically endangered marsupial, found only within a 1000 hectare range within Mount Gardner headland at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve in Western Australia. Gilbert's Potoroo lives in dense shrub on the slopes of valleys within this region. They prefer melaleuca shrubland where the vegetation is between 1.5m and 2m tall, as this provides dense cover for the shy and elusive creature.

What is the Rarest Kangaroo?

The rarest, and most critically endangered kangaroo, is the Gilbert's Potoroo, a small potoroid in the macropod (kangaroo) family.

What are kangaroos related to?

The kangaroo family encompasses other marsupials such as the wallaby, potoroo, bettong, pademelon, rat-kangaroo and wallaroo.