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Q: How does porcupine fish protect itself?
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What does the porcupine use to defend itself?

A porcupine uses the spikes on its back to protect itself.

How does the opossum protect itself with its quills?

opossums do not have quills. You are thinking of the porcupine.

What mammal has spines or quills to protect itself?

Porcupines have quills.

Does the porcupine fish inflate or inhabit itself to look bigger in front of its enemies?


Does porcupine fish have fur?

Yes porcupine fish do have fur

Will a shark eat a porcupine fish?

No, Sharks will not eat porcupine fish.

What is a porcupine fish?

The color of the porcupine fish can range from olive to brown. This fish has a light underbelly and dark spots cover its entire body. A porcupine fish is a pufferfish.

Why are coconuts hard?

It's the coconuts defense for its seeds. Like a porcupine's spikes. It needs to protect itself or it will not survive. The tree needs to protect its seeds.

How does a surgeon fish protect itself?

With a gun

How do clown fish protect itself?

By the anemone.

What kind of plants to Porcupine Fish eat?

The porcupine fish does not eat plants. Instead, the porcupine fish eats shellfish like clams, oysters, or mussels.

Are porcupine fish a fish?

Though the porcupine fish ( which sometimes goes under the name of'puffer fish') is a vertebrate, it is not a mammal. It is a Tetraodontidae fish.