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Q: How is the snail shell like the porcupine quills?
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Do horses have quills?

No, horses don't have quills like a porcupine or hedgehog, they have hair.

Are porcupine quills dangerous?

They will hurt like hell, so yes, they are dangerous.

Do hedgehogs shed their quills?

Yes. An adult hedgehog typically has anywhere near 6,000 quills. However, these are much different from Porcupine quills. While they are still modified hairs, hedgehog quills are not barbed, venomous, nor can they be projected at a victim.

What is the name of the animal which has sharp needles full of its body?

Porcupines have quills which look like needles on their backs. These protect the porcupine against predators and come contain a poison.

What does a tree porcupine look like?

Like sweet rabbits with DEADLY SPIKES! Touch at your own risk.

What animal doesn't eat eggplant and tomatoes?

A porcupine is an animal that doesn't eat eggplant and tomatoes. A porcupine is a mammal that has sharp quills up and down its back. And no, it does not shoot its quills; it just raises the quills and backs up into the face of whatever is threatening it. There are two types of porcupines: an Old World porcupine and a New World porcupine. AnOld World porcupineis the one with HUGE, dark brown quills on its back, a New World porcupine is a spiny animal and it looks rather strange. Kind of like a hedgehog except with a bigger nose.:)~Ctmusicgirl7

Does it hurt the porcupine if you pull off one of its quills?

Their quills are like a human's hairs. They grow in their skin and removing one could cause slight discomfort for them, but not severe pain.

What animal has a hard shell like the snail?

sulg is same as snail

What does the cochlea look like?

Like a delicate sea shell, or a snail shell I guess.

Is a mug a shell structure?

yes it is because like a snail shell protects the snail the mug protects the liquid inside it.

How do you make a model of a porcupine?

I have to make a model of a porcupine for my science project and what I'm planning to do is get some brown clay, mold the shape of a porcupine, then get toothpicks and stick them in the clay as the quills, and use black and white clay for details like eyes.

What is a Pucker-bush?

a pucker bush is a bush with burrs on them that stick to you like porcupine quills. If you have been in a pucker bush you will never forget it.