How many feet does rabbits have?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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a rabbit has 4 legs 2 at the front 2 at the back love from humaira the bestest in the world

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Q: How many feet does rabbits have?
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How many feet do rabbits have?

Like most other animals, rabbits/bunnies have 4 feet (paws).

What rhymes with rabbits feet?

Many words that rhyme with feet rhyme with rabbits feet you just need to change the words slightly. One example of this is feet and complete rhyme so change complete to incomplete and it rhymes with rabbits feet!

Why do rabbits run round your feet?

Many rabbits suffer from a condition called olfactory hypersensitivity. This condition in turn makes rabbits appear shy. Consequently, rabbits fear and avoid feet whenever possible.

How many chickens and rabbits are there if there are 16 heads and 38 feet?

12 chickens 4 rabbits

Are pet rabbits feet black from below?

is it that pet rabbits feet are black from below i have white rabbits and there feet are yellow :P

What are the size of rabbits?

Rabbits can be 9 inches to 2 feet.

How many chickens and rabbits are there if there are 18 heads and 58 animal feet?

7 chickens and 11 Rabbits - 7 X 2 (feet per chicken) plus 11 X 4 (feet per rabbit) equals 58

Animal that thumps feet to warn others?

The animal that thumps its feet to warn others is the rabbit. They thump their hind feet on the ground to alert other rabbits of potential danger or to communicate agitation.

What is a rabbits protection?


How many chickens and rabbits are there if there are 100 heads and animal feet all together?

There are 5n chickens and 20-3n rabbits, for n = 1,2,3,4,5 or 6.

How many feet does a rabbit have?

Rabbits have four feet: two long hind-feet at the back, and two small fore-feet at the front. Wild rabbits get trapped sometimes and loose a foot, but live on with 3. If it is a back one that they lose they tend to hop in circles a lot. Pet rabbits sometimes loose a foot as well, for one reason or another. Disabled rabbits can often be accommodated and can live long, happy lives.what that crazy

What's rabbits feet for?

Rabbits feet are for hopping on, in other words, transportating itself around. Also his/her feet are for digging, scratching themselves, and fighting. Emma