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western bulldogs have onley won one grand final in afl.

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Q: How many grand final has bulldogs won?
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Have the Bulldogs won a grand final?

yes the bulldogs have won the grand final 8 times since they entered the competition.

When was the last time the Sydney Roosters won a grand final?

2002 grand final and played in the 2004 grand final against the bulldogs

Did Western Bulldogs win the AFL Grand Final in 2009?

No! It was Geelong Cats that year. Bulldogs have only ever won one VFL Grand Final: that was in 1954.

how many premierships have bulldogs won?

The Western Bulldogs (formerly known as Footscray) have only won 1 VFL/AFL premiership; 1954.Since then they have only made one Grand Final in 1961.

Who won the AFL Grand Final in 1954?

Footscray (currently, the Western Bulldogs). This has been the club's only Premiership to date. I believe the team defeated Melbourne that year in the Grand Final.

How many times has parramatta eels and Canterbury bulldogs played in a grand final?

I believe the Answer is two, Eels won one and the Bulldogs won one. Both within the 80's when both teams had won 4 grandfinals each, Bulldogs, aka 'The Entertainers' were the most sucessful of these two teams during this era.

When did the Bulldogs win their last AFL Premiership?

They have only ever won one: 1954. I think they may have beaten Melbourne that year in the Grand Final. In those days it was the VFL competition, and "the Bulldogs" was Footscray Football Club.

Who won the 2003 grand final?

Brisbane won the 2003 grand final by 50 points

Who won the 2007 AFL grand final?

Geelong won the 2007 grand final by 119 points

Who won the grand final in 1923?

In 1923 Essendon won what was a Challenge final under the Argus System, equivalent to a modern Grand Final.

Who won the AFL grand final in 1995?

The Sydney Bulldogs beat the Manly Sea-eagles, 17-4.

Who won the afl grand final in the year 2000?

Essendon won the 2000 AFL grand final over Melbourne.