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Q: How many male elks are there in a herd?
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What is the name for a group of elks?

A group of elks is called a gang of elks.

Do large elks eat wolves?

No. Elks are a herd animal and only eat vegetation not meat.

What is the possessive form of elk?

The plural forms of the singular noun elk are elk or elks, both are accepted.The plural possessive forms are elk's or elks'.Examples:Two large male elk's antlers clashed loudly.Two large male elks' antlers clashed loudly.

What is a buch of elks called?

A group of elk is generally refered to as, a herd. Also, the males are called bulls and the females are called cows.

What animal group is a gang?

Chav variety of Homo Sapiens / neanderthal

Do male elks have spoon-shaped antlers?

the antlers are shaped like a cup

Why do male elks make bulging sounds?

They are telling the world that they are ready to mate.

What it the herd of a deer called?

Depending on their species, male deer are called stags, harts, bucks or bulls

What do you call male leader of family?

If you mean the male head of the (in this case) herd, then you call it an "Alpha male". CORRECT ANSWER: Male elephants are called bulls. However, there is no male head of the herd. The head of a herd is always a female elephant, a cow. Elephants are a matriarchal society, which means they are female centric.

What is a group of horses called and name of male horse?

A group of horses is called a herd. A male horse is called a stallion.

Is there a dominant male in the herd?

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Are a pack of horses known as a herd?

Yes, a group of horses is called a herd. The herd is generally led by an older mare and is guarded by a stallion, who is also the only breeding male in the herd.