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Before you can work out the answer, at first you must know the horsey-pony equation.

To begin you take the number of ponies and multiply it by the number of ducks in the adjacent pond (To work out the number of ducks, ask the crazy farmer next door), then subtract this from the number of horse hairs (remember to count every one).

For example thus far: 3 ponies x 34 ducks - 478 pony hairs.

Once you have done this; remember the crazy farmer next door mentioned above, well take the number of times he swears at you the add this to your answer thus far.

Example: 3 ponies x 34 ducks - 478 pony hairs + 5693 profanities.

After you have done this speak to the local policeman whose name has to be Bob (he's the local bobby) and count how many words he uses. If you lose count, the average is about 7. Take this away from your current answer and then you know how many ponies can fit in a horse.

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You can't. However, you can fit two ponies in a horse.

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Q: How many ponies can you fit in a horse?
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