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I think that in War Horse, Albert is 15 or 16 before the War, and at the end of the War he's 19 or 20.

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Q: How old is Albert Narracott from War Horse?
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How old is Albert in war horse?

I think he starts between 9-12

What are the release dates for The Old War-Horse - 1926?

The Old War-Horse - 1926 was released on: USA: 11 April 1926

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Joey Get's Sold To Emile's Grandad Emilie's grandfather has to bid to save him from the butcher. The old man promised his granddaughter when she died he would find the horse she loved and buy him, but recognising Albert's love for Joey, he sells Joey back to Albert on condition he will love for him all his life - for the princely sum of one English penny.

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Who is Zoey in war horse?

Zoey is a friendly old horse in war horse. Joey first met Zoey when he moved to Alberts farm Zoey worked with Joey every day on the field up until the day that joey was sold to the army. When Joey returned after world war I Zoey was still on the farm working as good as ever.

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