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Well, if it is a frog, newt or salamander, you know straight away that its an amphibian. But, if you need to know some key features of an amphibian, here is three:

The Class Amphibia has either gills or lungs.

They breathe through their skin.

They live near water.

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If you have a warm-blooded, furry, 4-legged or 4-finned animal, and it has offspring, you would have to observe it nursing those offspring to confirm that it was a mammal. There are other clues, such as the cervical vertebrae (which number 7, except for the dugong which has 6), the arrangement of the skull, and the connection of bones in the inner ear. But these can usually only be identified from skeletal remains.

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1. Have fur/hair to protect their skin and keep them warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.or

2. Carry their young in the female's body, and then bear it (or them) into the world in live birth.

3. Feed their borne young with milk coming from the females' nipples.

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It gives birth, not lays eggs.

It produces milk.

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Q: How would you recognize a mammal?
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