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German Shepherds live on average from 13-15 (human years), but its not uncommon for some to live up too, and in some rare cases over 20 years. Just give it lots of exercise, protein filled dog food and lots to drink, with a bit love in the mix, yours will live for a long time!

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Q: If your German shepherd is 9 years old in human years how old will she live to be in human years?
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German Shepherd's live all over the world but yes, they originated in Germany from shepherd dogs...

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How old can the German sheperd grow to be?

German Shepherds can live commonly from 10-12 years. This is common if the dog is purebred. If it is not a purebred German Shepherd, then the dog may live shorter or longer. If you need more help, I would suggest purchasing The Dog Breed Bible by D. Caroline Colie, Ph. D. This book has helped me for years now.