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Skunks are the most likely animal to dig up and eat a yellow jacket's nest, even if it's 3 feet off of the ground on the underside of a deck. Raccoons have also been known to eat the larvae out of yellow jackets' nests.

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Q: What animal will dig up and eat entirely a yellow jacket nest and can also reach a hornets nest 3 feet off ground on underside of deck?
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What do ground hornets look like?

Hornets that are the same color as the ground. Was it hard to figure out?

How do you kill hornets nest in the ground?

Hornets don't normally nest in the ground. Yellow Jackets nest in the ground. You can kill them by pouring gasoline in the hole and running.

What are ground hornets?

Sounds like yellowjackets.

Show picture of ground hornets nest?

There are many sites available online where you can see the pictures of the ground hornets nests. Type images to search.

What are natural predators of ground hornets?

Natural predators of ground hornets include animals such as skunks, raccoons, and some bird species like blue jays and mockingbirds. These predators feed on the hornets and their larvae, helping to keep their population in check.

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Do raccoons dig up ground hornets?

Yes, raccoons are known to dig into the ground to forage for insects, including ground hornets. They have strong paws and sharp claws that make it easy for them to dig up nests. However, raccoons will generally avoid ground hornets due to the risk of getting stung.

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The might have be hornets who often build their nests in the ground. They also like moist soil which may account for their nest being close to your pond.

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If Raid is not working, you may need to call a professional pest control service to safely and effectively handle the removal of the ground hornets. Avoid attempting to address the situation yourself if multiple cans of Raid have proven ineffective. Ground hornets can be dangerous when provoked, so it's important to prioritize safety and seek professional assistance.