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Q: What breed was the white husky bred for looking after sheep in the snow?
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Is white husky a foul breed?

i don't think so, no

What breed of puppy has white paws and grey body?

maybe the husky

How are Columbia sheep different from other sheep?

Columbian Sheep is a breed of sheep. They are a larger framed white face sheep.

What is a siberian breed of white dog?

This would be the siberian husky, they are white, black and white, red and white, and sometimes grey.

What kind of breed are black and white pigs?

Sheep pig

What is a silver tipped Siberian husky?

A silver tipped Siberian husky is when you have a pure white Siberian husky (which are rare for the breed) that is tipped with a gray-sliver color. They could be "tipped" on the paws or tip of the tail etc.

Why are black sheep rare?

Black sheep are rare because of genetic mutations that cause their wool to be black instead of the more common white color. This mutation is not very common in sheep populations, making black sheep a rarity. Additionally, historically, black sheep were often culled from flocks due to the belief that their wool was less valuable than white wool.

What is the breed of sheep that has an all black head with no wool on it and same with the legs and a white body?

the breed of sheep is a suffolk. They are one of the most popular sheep breeds in the united states. They are one of the most tallest breeds also.

What colors are lambs?

Usually white but it depends on the breed as there are coloured sheep, black brown and mixes of these colours with white.

What dog breed is large and all black with blue eyes and fur like a Husky or a Collie not like a lab?

its very hard to get a black dog with blue eyes, dogs with blue eyes are usually white but for everything else the only breed i can think of is the Akida, large dog, very similar to the Husky and Malamute breeds and can come in white, black and various other colours and blue eyes are not that rare in the breed

What cat breed looks like a husky dog?

Typically, the Persian looks more like a Siberian husky than other cat breeds. This is due to its blue eyes and fur that ranges from sold white to light brown.

What a husky looks like?

A Husky is in the Spitz family group and is medium sized with a thick, insulating coat. They are generally grey and white, sometimes with blue eyes. They have pointed ears and usually a fluffy, curled tail. They are a very active breed.