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[Italian, mirage, Morgan le Fay (from the belief that the mirage was caused by her witchcraft) : fata, fairy (from Vulgar Latin fāta, goddess of fate; see fairy) + Morgana, Morgan (probably from Old Irish Morrigain).]

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Q: What does Fata Morgana mean in Latin Does it have anything to do with Horses Morgan is a horse breed Police use them?
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Why are Morgan horses used as cop horses?

Not all police horses are Morgans. There are Quarter Horses and many crossbreeds in police work. The most important aspect of selecting these horses is their temperment. They need to be 'bomb proof' meaning they need to be calm no matter how caotic things get.

Was Dan Morgan hung?

No. Bushranger 'Mad' Dan Morgan was killed in a shootout with police in April 1865.

What police ride?

horses, bicycles and motorbikes

Do police ride horses in Miami?


What are the police called that ride the horses?

Yes, police men do sometimes use horses, but not as often as cars or motorcycles. Horses are used in places such as New York City, where the streets are narrow and cars would be ineffective in a traffic jam with a killer on the loose. So, police use horses to catch people on foot in busy areas or where cars can't move.

When did Mad Dan Morgan die?

Bushranger 'Mad' Dan Morgan was killed in a shootout with police on 9 April 1865.

How did mad Dan Morgan's life end?

Bushranger 'Mad' Dan Morgan was killed in a shootout with police in April 1865.

Do mounted police keep the horses they ride or is it the police stations horse?

the horse belongs to the police dept same as the cars and motorcycles

What has the author Edwin Charles Morgan written?

Edwin Charles Morgan has written: 'The North-West Mounted Police, 1873-1883' -- subject(s): History, North West Mounted Police (Canada)

Are there equine police in New York City?

NYPD has a "Mounted Police Unit". It now has 79 police officers and 60 horses, down from the 130 officers and 125 horses it had before budget cuts a few years ago.

What do the new san Diego harbor police department have?


What are police horses used for in Manchester?

Policing and crowed control.