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Q: What else can hamsters drink besides water?
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What kind of drink makes a plant grow besides water?

Nothing else unless that liquid includes a tiny percentage of water.

Is there anything else Fire Bellied Toads can drink besides water?

Nope - that's the only fluid they would drink in their natural environment - so never give them anything else !

Is there anything else Fire Bellied Toads can drink besides water that will make it less skinny?

Put crickets in the blender:)

Can hamsters drink coffee?

I don't think you can give them coffee, but I'm not sure. Cheak with some1 else 1st. BTW - You can defo give them water!!

What else is in clouds besides water?


What else does Photosynthesis need besides water?

Photosynthesis needs sunlight & carbon dioxide besides water

Is there anything else pandas drink except for water?

No. there is nothing else in the wild to drink really

Besides water and carbon dioxide what else is produced when you burn hydrocarbon?

Besides these Energy is produced.

Can Arabian horses drink anything else besides water?

Well yes, they can drink camels milk (Traditional in the desert), they could also drink very limited amounts of fruit juice, but a horse does need water to survive, typically 0.5 to 1.0 gallons per 100 pounds of bodyweight.

Is there anything else besides juice or water to help rehydrate one self after having the Norovirus Flu?

No, those are the best things to drink. Avoid anything with caffeine though.

What else besides water is your body composed of?

bones and meat

What else is in a moat besides water?

trees, bushes, mud,