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For the Mega Millions lottery the winner's money is paid to his/her estate.

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Q: What happens to a lottery winner's payments if he dies before the total is paid?
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Geographical locations will vary, but situationally they are in the main flat broke, alienated from family and friends, jobless from whatever good job they had, and worse off than before they won.The biggest scam of all, bar none, are these state lotteries. At no point has any state - even though they spend millions per year advertising how great the lotteries are - ever shown a happy winner one year later, let alone five or ten years later.This glaring, damning and wholly irrefutable fact says it all, for if there were happy winners a year later, the state would be sure and show you them to encourage still more to waste their money on this destructive "game".Another answer:There have not been many statistical studies on this subject, but the largest study (35,000 Florida state lottery winners) shows that 1,900 (5%) were bankrupt within five years.They also found that about 1% of people who play the lottery, both winners and losers, go bankrupt within five years. That's about double the rate of the population as a whole, reflecting the fact that people who are bad at money management are more likely to play the lottery.The claim that a majority of lottery winners are broke, unemployed and alienated is simply not supported by facts.One reason why you rarely see happy winners one, five or ten years later is that the happy ones are most likely the smart ones who protected their anonymity from the start and continue to do so. Foolish winners allow their names and pictures to be published in newspapers and on television. Things are always more likely to turn out badly for foolish people.

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