What is a deers shelter?

Updated: 10/9/2023
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They really dont need it but if they did they would just stand under a tree

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deer live in bushes and some time little dens or woods.

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Any where there safe from their preditor

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Q: What is a deers shelter?
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How do deers depends on plants to survive?

Autotrophs supply food for the heterotrophs.

What do deers use for shelter?

Most deers live in foresty areas or tall grassy areas. Forest deer hide behind large trees. Grass deer lay low in the tall grass to hide.

What would deers do?

deer are deers and jump around like deers

What is a deers job in a forest?

Deers do not have jobs

What are fallow deers?

Fallow deers are a type of deer and the are herbivores.

Do deers have a pyhlum?

Yes, deers have a phylum. They are in the phylum chordata

What is the sound produced by Deers called?


Do cheetahs eat deers?

yes cheetahs do eat deers

Why do deers lick other deers?

They want to clean themselves.

Are Deers coldblooded?

No, deers aren't cold blooded because they are mammals and not reptiles.

Do deers talk?

No. Animals but parrots talk. Deers talk in their own language.

Can you use deers' as a possessive sentence?

The walkers had wandered into the deers' feeding ground.