What is a leopards classify?

Updated: 11/14/2022
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Q: What is a leopards classify?
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Do leopards have spots on their skin?

Spotted leopards do, but other leopards don't - such as black leopards.

Are snow leopards relatives of leopards?

Panthers and other leopards

How do you use classify in a sentence?

you can not classify this. How can you classify them?

Are there leopards in Morocco?

yes the Barbary leopards is the only leopards in Maghreb region.

What are leopards wanted for?

Can leopards be tamed

What is the collective noun for leopards?

The collective nouns for leopards are:a leap of leopards (also spelled 'leep' or 'lepe')a keep of leopards.

Do leopards live in England?

yes leopards are in the uk - but only in zoos.

What are leopards hobby?

leopards like to popo

Who are friends with leopards?

Other leopards. That's it.

Are leopards birds?

Leopards are mammals not birds.

What eats a tahr?

Leopards and snow leopards

Do leopards hurt pandas?

Adult pandas have no problem with leopards but snow leopards are known to kill young pandas.