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The offspring of whale (including the gray whale) is called a calf.

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Q: What is the offspring of the gray whale?
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What color is the gray whale?

The gray whale is actually black.

What is a gray whale?

A whale

Why is a gray whale and a whale commensalism?


How does a humpback whale have its offspring?

They Mate and the offspring is born.

Which is larger a blue whale or a gray whale?

Blue Whale

What are the enemies of the gray whale?

Killer Whale

What whale family is the gray whale?


What is bigger a fin whale or a gray whale?

Fin whale. It is the 2 largest whale.

Who is heaviest a turtle or a crab or a whale?

A Gray Whale

What is the offspring of a gray wolf?

As a baby, a cub. When grown, a gray wolf.

Is a gray whale on the endangered list?

The gray whale is not an endangered species. Listed as "Least Concern" by the IUCN.

What is California's state marine mammal?

The marine mammal of California is the California Gray Whale.