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cold, harsh weathers in the arctic.
Seals live in all waters of the world.

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Q: What type of environment do seals live in?
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What type of home do harp seals live in for protection from the environment?


Which animals live in the same environment as seals?

Polar bears seals penguins

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What are the seal's environment?

Seals live in all the waters of the world but they are normally found in snowy or icy environment.

Where do seals and baby seals live?

They live in the Arctic or with the mothers.

What type of claimant do seals live in?

a cold climate

What environment does a harp seal live in?

Harp seals spend most of their time in cold water oceans.

What type of environment do polar bears have?

they live in a cold environment

Do seals live in caves?

Seals do not live in caves. Seals live in the Arctic, and Antarctic. They live on the ice and spend their lives there.

What type of environment does a praying mantis live in?

they live on aircons

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