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warm weather

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Q: What type of weather do ligers like?
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How many different types of ligers are there?

250000 thousand type of ligers

What do ligers sound like?

yes ligers do roar

What is a ligers mating habits?

Ligers are so playful! and also ligers like swimming! cool right?

What are ligers like?

Ligers are part female tiger with a male lion to get I liger

What are locomotions of ligers?

Like its parents, the tiger and lion, the liger has four legs, in order to move around. They like to stay near water and go swimming.

How do ligers move?

like cats

Why do people kill ligers?

WIKIANSWER I AM VERY MAD AT YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! how dare you have a question like this on this website,, ligers are my friends , ligers are my life. BAd Rhonda

What type of weather does the turkey like?

cold weather

What type of meat do ligers eat?

Every kind of meat.

Do liger like to swim?

Yes, ligers like to swim.

Why do ligers live in zoo's?

because they feel like it

Does ligers have royalty like lions?

they are made from a female tiger and a male lion, so yes the do have royalty like lions. ligers are twice the size as a normal tiger