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Q: What types of animals eat a hedgehog cactus?
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How can animals eat cactus with the quills?

some animals are accustomed to the cactus so it doesnt hurt them.

What animals eat the cholla cactus?

Javalina, deer, rabbits, and even humans eat cactus. Various birds eat the fruit of the Saguaro and Prickly pear. Insects, birds, and bats pollinate the cactus.

What does a desert ant eat?

Cactus and dead animals.

What eats saguaro cactus?

No large animals that I am aware of eat the saguaro. The prickly pear cactus is usually the choice for many animals.

Functions of cactus spines?

To injure animals that may be predators of the cactus, e.g. try to eat it! If an animal goes to eat the cactus, it will spike them and they will not eat it again. Also it absorbs and stores moisture from the air for the cactus, so it can be utilized in hot conditions.

What desert animals eat prickly pear cactus?

desert tortouise

Do turtles eat the saguaro cactus?

Yes, cactus comprises about 40% of the pronghorns' diet.Clarification:No large animals that I am aware of eat the saguaro. The prickly pear cactus is usually the choice for many animals, including the pronghorn.

How does it eat a cactus?

Some animals have special rough mouths that protect them from the hard pointy needles of the cactus. Like, a collared pecary

What animals eat the Saguaro cactus fruit?

Animals that eat Saguaro cactus fruit include birds like Gila woodpeckers and white-winged doves, as well as mammals like coyotes and javelinas. These animals help disperse the cactus seeds, contributing to the Saguaro's reproductive cycle.

What types of animals do the giraffes eat?

they don't eat animals; they eat grass

What lives on a barrel cactus?

Few animals, if any, will attempt to eat a barrel cactus. They much prefer softer targets such as pickly pears.

Does a roadrunner eat cactus?

Yes, roadrunners do eat cactus. They are omnivorous birds and have a diverse diet that includes fruits, seeds, insects, and small animals, including lizards and snakes that may live in or around cactus plants.