Who were your ansestors?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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you are cruel becuse you said my ansestors are animals i hate this site

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Q: Who were your ansestors?
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Who was the first human ansestors?


How can you find out who your ansestors are? genesreunited

What makes someone an american?

The culture or ansestors behind that person

Why are chimps special?

because humans originate from them.they are our ansestors.

What makes someone an American Indian?

The culture or ansestors behind that person

Who discovered Sarah Jessica Parker?

what happened was her ansestors were famous as well as her

Did Cro-magnon have burrials there ansestors?

Yes, because they're modern humans.

Why were totem poles important to families?

Because they were reminded of their ansestors and they also reminded them of there wealth

Did women have rights in the renaissance era?

No. They just ate pie and went do do on their ansestors and dogs.

When you find out your a mermaid does it mean you had ancestors that were mermaids?

it may mean you have ansestors but it does not alwayse means that they were mermades

How old is the ancient English or British civilisation?

its about 7000 years old my ansestors told me in dreams :P