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The komodo Dragon for many reasons. First of all, it has 2 lethal weapons, the first one is it's bacteria. The komodo Dragon has 50 strains its bacteria in its mouth. The second weapon the komodo Dragon has is its highly lethal killing venom. The komodo dragon would ambush the rhino before the fight begins and bite the rhino and even if the komodo dragon gets killed the rhino will die after a while because of all the bacteria and venom inside its blood stream.

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tiger would kill a komodo dragon, but in a few days the tiger will die being biten by the poisionous komodo dragon.Therefore, it is a tie

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This encounter could only take place when the komodo dragon is swimming in open waters crossing to another island. As such, the shark would kill the komodo quickly.

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Q: Who will win and komodo dragon or a rhino?
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Can a lion defeat a a rhino-sized komodo dragon in a fight?

the would be one hell of a fight! i think the lion would win due to speed and the strength of its jaw...not that this is a sensible question that actually needs answering :P maybe you are wrong because an lion is very small and a komodo dragon is very big and a komodo dragon has big and sharp teeth so i say that a rhino-sized komodo dragon would win and he have jaws too you know anwser me back okay

Who would win - a Komodo dragon or a king cobra?

Komodo Dragon.

Who would win komodo or cobra?

a komodo dragon would easily win because the komodo dragon can bite it and it can win .................. I would say lion, since the lion is more fast and agile than a komodo dragon .................. it would be an even fight they both could kill each other in one attack

Who will win spectacled caiman vs Komodo dragon answer?

Kimono dragon wins

Who is the strongest reptile?

The strongest reptile the croccodile. But in a fight with a anaconda -reticular python , or komodo dragon ; i don't really know for sure who will win .

Would a komodo win in a fight with a lion?

Yes. King of all animals is the Komodo Dragon.

Who would win Tasmanian devil vs komodo dragon?

Kimono Dragon wins

Komodo dragon vs saltwater crocodile?

the komodo dragon would win because one bite will kill the croc with its poison

Who would win the lizard or rhino?

It depends. Are we talking a salamander? Komodo dragon? Gila Monster? I don't think a small lizard would be able to hurt a rhino, but it would certainly be able to evade it if the rhino wasn't charging. A rhino would most likely win, due to weight, power, and speed. A rhino can cover more ground in a specific amount of time than a lizard, although lizards can be incredibly agile.

Who would win a komodo dragon or tiger?

Oh the Tiger for sure.

Who would win komodo dragon or Gila monster?

Yes, a Gila Monseter grows up to 60 cm (2.0 ft) long, while a Comodo Dragon can grow to a length of 3 metres (9.8 ft).

What is stronger a komodo dragon or salt water crocodile?

actually it would be a tie the komodo can win if it bites the salt with poison and the croc have a chance itcan snap the komodo