Who would win a fight between a sun bear and deer?

Updated: 11/14/2022
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Sun bear. Sun bears are predators to deer.

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Q: Who would win a fight between a sun bear and deer?
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Who would win a fight between a deer and a tiger?

Are you kidding me! A tiger is larger, longer, and heavier than a deer, so a tiger is totally a winner.

Who would win in a fight between 5 men and a deer?

Normally a deer would chose to run away than to fight, unlike a moose. A buck can be very powerful and dangerous enough to wound five men. So it's possible that, in a fight, the deer may win, but not as a means to kill all men, but enough so that it can fight them off to get away to freedom.

Who would win in a fight between 2 men and a deer?

A buck on the rut is surprisingly powerful, much more than a human or even two men. However, in a natural setting with the deer NOT being on the rut, a deer would normally choose to run away than stand and fight. Even a cornered deer will fight long enough to wound the men so that it can quickly get away.

What is smarter - a deer or a bear?

Black bear nOT yogi

Who would win a fight a deer or antelope?

A deer would brutally destroy the antelope. Ben is my bae, back off.

Why did the cave bear become extinct?

Well they were extinct because people went and hunted them. and usually when people went to hunt some deer they would mistake the bear for the deer.

Which animal would you not expect to see in a British woodland fox badger red deer or brown bear?

brown bear and red deer Fox, badger, red eeer.

In which biome would songbirds deer bear and raccoons live?

a Deciduous forest.

Is there a difference between a brown bear and grizzly bear?

Brown bears and grizzly bears are not the same kind of bear. Brown bears are found along the coasts in cold places, such as Alaska, and are larger than grizzly bears.

Can a bear bring down a full grown moose?

No. The black bear would see the deer as an easy prey for it to kill.

Would a sun bear eat a tiger?

It could, but the sun bear prefers eating deer, wild pigs, and berries.

Can a bear kill a deer?

Probably not. A single deer has no chance of killing a bear, since the bear is way too strong and big for the deer to kill. The deer could possibly kill a cougar or a wolf though. In fact, deer are almost 80 percent bears' menus.