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Well, they never will hurt there children but in the other hand it's affection and love i guess. But if they do hurt their children then probably you should separate them or consult a vet.

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Q: Why do mother Guinea pigs hurt their children?
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Can guinea pigs live in an aviary with cockatiels budgies and quail and will wild mice hurt the guinea pig?

no, guinea pigs cannot live with these animals, and yes, guinea pigs will be hurt by wild mice. guinea pigs should live with other guinea pigs, and wild mice should stay wild.

Do guinea pigs get along with girbles?

no, guinea pigs could hurt the gerbils by accident (big size difference!)

Will wood chips hurt your guinea pigs?

No wood chips will not hurt your guinea pig and are often put into their cages for bedding.

Is milk good for guinea pigs?

No, they do not, i myself own 2 full-grown guinea pigs so I would know

Are guinea pigs okay with towels?

Guinea pigs are fine with towels, it doesn't hurt or annoy them in any way. Guinea pigs love soft materials so you should use them especially when cuddling them!

Can guinea pigs eat watermelon rind?

Guinea pigs can eat watermelon rinds and it is a awesome treat.

Are guinea pigs good with children?

yes they are

Will the mother eat the baby guinea pigs after they are weaned?


If you observe Baby Guinea Pigs will the mother eat them?


Is it safe for children to play with guinea pigs?

Usually guinea pigs are very social animals, so it should be fine, provided the children are playing gentle and being careful. If they are very young they should be supervised or helped with the guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs use hamster homes?

No guinea pigs cannot there wouldn't be enough space and guinea pigs aren't supposed to use exercise wheels that are usely in hampster cages (because they can easily hurt themselves).

What can cedarr do to guinea pigs?

Because guinea pigs are allergic to pine and cedar, it can hurt their lungs when they inhale it and cause upper respiratory problems... something like "guinea pig asthma"