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The sooner people realize there is good and evil in this world (we all have a choice of which road to take) the better off they will be. Some people that are plain mean and calculating to the bone honestly believe they aren't and they can use and abuse friends. They always think they are right and the other person is wrong. We also must realize that some people have psychological problems, or some may have a great deal of stress on their shoulders. Some people suffer many traumas in their lives while others don't. Why? No one seems to be able to answer this questions. The best any of us can do is take it slowly when having a relationship with the opposite sex or making a friend. Get to know their personality and their likes and dislikes and be aware of what they are saying. Many people don't listen and then wonder why things went sour in the relationship and most of it is due to communication problems or not seeing the signs this person has major problems in their lives and at this point in time a person is in total control as to whether to keep seeing this person or kicking them to the curb and moving on. Many people seldom take the 'head space' they need to reflect on themselves and learn about their OWN strengths or weakness' and this is a very important part of life. Your character reflects on others and if you are loyal, honest, communicate well, stand up for what is right and aren't afraid that many people won't back you because of it, then you'll always have problems in life and quite possibly become jaded with society as a whole. Each one of us is in total control of who we allow in our lives. If we don't know ourselves 100% then how can we be expected to know someone else 100%. We make bad judgments sometimes when it comes to a relationship with the opposite sex or friends. This is not the time to start feeling sorry for yourself, but to reflex upon yourself and learn something from this experience so you have more tools to choose the next mate in your life or that new friend. NEVER give up!

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Q: Why do other people have to suffer in life at the expense of a few others?
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