Why do your gerbils smell?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Because you haven't bathed it of course! whenever your gerbils start stinking, get a dog food bowl of some sort, and put some chinchilla sand in there. You can buy some from a local pet store. Your gerbil rolls around in the sand and it removes all the oily and greases and poop and everything else that's been in there fur from there body, and there fur will feel much softer also. Hope i helped.

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It's probally greecy. You could try cleaning their cage a little more often. If gerbils are kept in a dirty cage for to long they will stop grooming themselves.

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wet tail, you can get medicine for this

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Q: Why do your gerbils smell?
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What features do gerbils have?

Gerbils have an good sense of smell and hearing, but poor sight.

What sense is the most acute for gerbils?

I believe that gerbils are best at smell, and maybe hearing. Gerbils use smell to tell each other apart and what things are, as their eyesight is not so good.

Can gerbils find food buried under 3 inches of bedding?

Yes! Gerbils have the best out of the 5 scenes and the one they use for this is there smell and there touch first they smell it then they dig for it.

What about gerbils?

Gerbils are animals that look somewhat like a mouse, but bigger. They have a good sense of smell and hearing, but poor eyesight.

Why the parent gerbils are not taking care of their baby since i tough them?

If i was you i would take the parents away from the gerbils because after you have touched the little gerbils it will have your smell on them so the parents wouldn't recognise them and after a bite they will eat them

Do gerbils have a good sense of location?

I'm not quite sure,but I think they do. I have two gerbils named Cookie and Biscuit and they have great sense of location. Not all gerbils do. Maybe you are lucky and have a gerbil that does have good sense location. What I do know is gerbils have great sense of smell.

How do you get rid of a gerbils smell?

To keep a gerbil's smell down, change their cage once a week. Once every month, scrub the tank down with water to get out any stubborn odor or stain that may have set in. Gerbils really are low in the smell category, and don't require a lot of maintenance.

Where do gerbels live?

Gerbils are small rodents that are native to the deserts and semi-arid habitats of Africa and Asia. They typically live in burrows underground to escape predators and maintain a stable temperature. In captivity, gerbils require a similar habitat with bedding material for burrowing and a safe enclosure to prevent escape.

What does a gerbils poo smell like?

Gerbil poo is so dry due to the gerbil's incredibly efficient water-conserving excretory system, that it practically has no smell.

Why do gerbils make such clean pets?

Well gerbils do make quite abit of mess though they don't smell that much9i should know iv got one my self,called pip)!!

What small mammal is best for me?

I like gerbils because they don't smell like hamsters, they aren't nocturnal and they are really cute.

Which are better quinea pids or gerbiles?

Gerbils are much better. They are inexpensive and fun to watch. Guniea pigs smell and are very costly.