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Q: Why does your cat have matted hair?
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How can badly tangled and matted hair be straightened without buying store products?

Being an expert of matted tangled hair One must know that products are bad for most matted and tangled hair cases. We suggest if your hair is matted then your past the point to "Do It Your Self" at this point don't wet it and if you have now don't even touch it.

How can you use matted in a sentence?

i can see matted in a sentence it is have to be all capital latter and ends with a periodMatted is used as an adjective : The cat's fur was matted with mud .

What is the name for clumped together hair?

It's called a mat. Or matted hair.

What is the yaks body covered with?

Dense, close matted hair

How do you fix matted hair?

with a screwdriver and a peice of wood

What is a matted fabric of wool or hair called?


What is a matted poodle?

The word matted means that their hair in tangled very bad in knots. Very hard to brush and comb them out.

How do you clean matted hair around the rabbits genitals?

Take it to the Veterinarian. To get its hair trimmed.

What body covering does a yak have?

close dense matted hair

What is the yak body covering?

Dense, close matted hair

What the difference between dreads and twist?

Dreads Are Matted Hair And Twists Are Well Twisted Hair

How do you get your badly matted and tangled hair straightened?

Youve Got To Use