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It makes sense that since Florida has a warm climate that cats would shed their fur to keep cooler so they are not sweltering.

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Q: Why does your cat shed more in Florida?
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Do Siberian cats shed?

Yes all cat shed, it is just some shedding is worse than others. A Siberian, being a long haired cat would shed more than a short hair cat.

Which breeds of cat shed less?

There are cats with no hair called the Sphinx Cat, they shed the least. All cats do shed but those with longer hair 'seem' to shed more because of the longer hairs floating about and on everything. Brushing often does help.

Do sibirian cats shed?

Yes, and they shed a lot! Siberian cats (when kept in Siberia) will shed a bunch in the warmer months. If you keep your Siberian in your warm-temperatured house, the cat will shed more excessively.

Do labs shed more than cats?

i would say yes Depends on the cat....

Can you give a sentence with shed?

We keep our firewood in a shed. My cat shed a lot, last year.

How do you make Cats shed less?

There is no 100% fix, and cats will shed alot more in the summer. Try brushing often and/or bathing your cat. Cats will need to shed their thick winter coat they had during the winter for the summer, as would be the opposite during winter. You may not Be able to bathe your cat, so if not, try to brush your cat as often as possible. Catsmay also shed due to stress. Try to eliminate stress factors for your cat and it may help.

Do cats shed more than dogs?

The amount of shedding really depends on the breed of dog and cat, the individual animal and its lifestyle. All cats and dogs shed fur to some degree, but others will shed more than others.

What breed of cat is long hair no shed black and white cat?

not sure a cat with long hair persen im not sure a cat cant shed person white maybe black <:(

What is Florida's state cat?

The state cat of Florida is the Florida panther. The state officially adopted the Florida panther as the state cat in 1982.

does a #*@%*^#@ cat shed?


What part of speech is shed?

Shedding is the present participle of the verb shed.

Which fur will collect more on black clothes cat or dog fur?

it would be cat fur. cats have to shed and they shed a lot so fur will fall off faster then it would on a dog. that's how cats have fluffy fur all the time. lol